Teaching Shoulder-in and Haunches-in Using Positive Reinforcement

Do you want your horse to be calm, relaxed, supple and body aware? Hmm, that's an easy one! I think we all answer 'yes' to that! :-) Working on movement is an important part of a horse's training - they need to be fit, body aware and supple to be a responsive, sound riding horse. I'm really focusing on suppling work with

Get Your Ass into Gear and Decorate that Christmas Tree!

hope-pastures-christmas-tree-vid-startThis video is sure to get you feeling all festive - watching horses, ponies and, yes, donkeys decorate a Christmas tree! "Ass if?!" I hear you say! Well it's true, though I promise I'll stop with the donkey jokes! They were all rescued by Hope Pastures rescue centre, which does fantastic work

Happy Halloween Horses?

Are your horses happy this Halloween? The nights are drawing in, the grass is disappearing and the mud is reappearing... However, if you click on the video below you can cheer yourself up with this Halloween video treat we've got for you: . . . And now we've put you in a better mood, here's how to

Teach Your Horse a Trick – Step-by-Step Catch!

In my last trick blog, Why You Should Teach an Old horse New Tricks, I talked about the many reasons why I think everyone should teach their horse tricks and gave you plenty of inspiration in the video... Here is where I show you how:

This step by step video shows you how to teach your horse to

Why You Should Teach Your Old Horse New Tricks

Trick training is Fun. Trick training is Useful. It is underrated in the equine world but everyone should teach their horse new tricks. Why? Read on to find out...india-spanish-walk

I meet some people who get a bit snobby about trick training. "Oh, that's just a trick," I hear them

Hacking with Hannah

hacking with hannahIn the middle of May, two of my students came to my farm in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales for 3 days of hacking-lessons.

They both have young, green horses and wanted some support and guidance to keep everyone confident when out and about.

It was a brilliant

An Invitation To Ride

She's Got a Ticket to Ride!

hannah-india-mountingDoes your horse line up for you at the mounting block and then stand patiently while you sort out your stirrups and girth? Many horses don't, often because they haven't been trained in a way that makes it clear to them what behaviour is wanted. Or perhaps

Tai Chi Riding in Portugal

Top Tips for Hips


"I can't believe how much these small changes influenced Maurice!" said Rachael at the end of her riding lesson with me. Like many riders, Rachael finds it hard to release her hips and follow the horse's movement. If you find this to be a problem too, or have a tight lower back, watch this extract

Clicking for Calmness

horse-spookA calm, relaxed, yet keen, horse is what we're all searching for, but if you've had much to do with horses, you'll know it's not easy to get!! Horses are prey animals who are naturally quite spooky because running first and thinking later has kept them alive for thousands of years.

Clicker Training in Portugal – On the Ground

Jclicker training in portugalust back from another fab clicker training trip to Portugal and this one was even better because some Clix College members came, too! This video shows some highlights of the week, using clicker training in a wide range of situations. Big thanks to Sophie for organising

Zonkey Training – Removing Zee’s Headcollar (part 3)

zonkey training - removing zee's headcollarThis video shows how I built up to removing Zee's headcollar easily and calmly. It's a great example of how clicker training can help equines overcome fear without any need for force or drama.

It's an excerpt from a presentation I did on how I'd been

Snow White – A Pony Tale; Watch it NOW!!

snow-white-a-pony-taleThe long-awaited Snow White - A Pony Tale is finally here!

A tale of love, passion, attempted murder, drama and HORSES! LOTS of horses! This quirky take on the original tale involves all my own 7 horses in place of the dwarves and

Snow White – Sneaky Peek at Training the Apple Scene!

Video-Blog-hannah-dawson   Snow White - A Pony Tale is premiering this weekend so we're all gearing up for that right now! Here's a sneak preview of the oh-so-famous apple scene, (although with a slight twist on the usual version...) with a sneaky peek at some behind-the-scenes training. All Snow White's 7 horses in

Zonkey Training Continued – Part 2!

Training with the 2 stripey girls has been going really well. This video was taken after I'd been clicker training them for about 2 weeks. They have 2 behaviours solidly on cue and we've all learned some interesting lessons regarding zonkey and human behaviours! Watch and see how we've been getting

Learning to Learn… And Therefore Teach!

It occurred to me that clicker training horses requires you to be both learner and teacher simultaneously - you're always learning how to be better balanced, co-ordinated, use new technques and so on, while at the same time teaching your horse new behaviours. To be a great horse trainer requires self awareness, honesty and perception. You must hold together the dreams

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