Flossie’s Heart-warming Story

I just wanted to share this report on how things are going from one of my clients. It's such a lovely story and the changes Hannah's made for Flossie make me feel all warm and lovely inside!! The pair went from very anxious with lots of problems to a partnership in a matter of months and Hannah describes perfectly the

Clicker Training for Creativity!

How creative is your horse? It's often hard to find this out (unless your horse demonstrates his creativity by finding new ways to escape and break into the feed room!) because of the way we train horses - we teach a behaviour, then we cue it and they get rewarded for doing it. Sometimes they just love being given free

Bloody Zen Horsemanship (a clicker training journey)

I recently had an email from one of my clients who had just had a frustrating session with her horse - one of THOSE days. We all have ups and downs with our horses and we are all emotionally attached, not only to our horses themselves, but also to our dreams and wishes which are tied up with them, too.


Round pens are a common sight for training horses in and they certainly have their uses. However, I often use them a bit differently to how they are normally used - the handler is inside, but the horse is on the outside...

Clicker Weekend April 2012

A group of people arrived with their horses for the first of my 2012 Clicker Weekends, which run throughout summer. It was a great weekend, with lovely people and horses and we worked on a huge range of behaviours, which was lovely to see and learn from! Most of the people who came had been coming to my dismounted winter clicker

Demo Tour Highlights Spring 2012

This Spring, we set off to do a short series of Clicker Training demos around the North of England, with special guests Galloping Acrobatics providing a super grand finale!

Watch the video to see the highlights:

Toby and India did a super job at

Loading Tips and Tricks – Making Loading FUN!

<Loading Tips and Tricks Part 1 - Preparation Click here to read. Once you've done all the loading preparation exercises, your horse is ready to approach the box/trailer and begin traveling. Here are my tips to make this a fun and interesting experience for your horse, so that he becomes keen and eager to

Loading Tips and Tricks – Preparation

Problems with loading is one of the most common issues horse owners face. It's a nightmare when you dread having to try to get your horse in the box, need to ensure you have loads of extra time before you leave and awful when you don't know if you'll get

To Treat or Not to Treat?? That is the Question.

Food, Glorious Food!  

By Rachel

I used to believe that training with treats was wrong. That it led to mugging and that food didn't mean that much to horses anyway. But when I started using treats for training

Cinderella, you shall go to the ball . . .

By 'ball' I mean the Clix College Launch Party and when I say "you shall go" I actually mean you're premiering! We've celebrated so it is now official; Clix College is launched! The launch party was wonderful. What a fantastic turn out! So to all of you who attended, thank you very much, we hope you enjoyed it as much as

From Coercion to Co-operation – Why I started Clicker Training

by Hannah Toby is the reason I've learnt a lot of things about horse training. I got him as a Christmas present when I was 10 years old, which was a dream come true after spending every spare minute at the local riding school and begging for my own pony for years. However, it wasn't quite the easy ride I anticipated

“Chase Me!” says Charlie

By Helen

[wpcol_1half id="" class="" style=""][/wpcol_1half] [wpcol_1half_end id="" class="" style=""] I bought Charlie at 14 and had him 6 years before he would happily be caught in the

New Year, New Beginnings – How I Rescued my Horse…and Me.

New Year is a great time to get in there and try something new, determined to find a solution to a problem or improve your existing skills - a great time to give clicker training a go! It got us thinking about why people start new things and what got all of us started (and then completely hooked) in clicker training. Rachel

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Watch our glowing Christmas video to get you in the spirit!

Hope you enjoyed our christmas video, we certainly had a lot of fun making it. Luckily for us, our

Top 10 Stable Boredom Busters!

If this winter is anything like last year, the chances are your horse will have to spend a lot of time in the stable. This can lead to boredom and stiffness and a very fresh horse when it comes to riding again!

Never fear, though, we have 10 great ideas to

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