Teach Leading using Clicker Training

There is more to leading than meets the eye - the horse must understand a lot of different cues from the headcollar and handler: To come forward when they feel pressure behind their ears To stop when they feel pressure on their nose To go backwards from

Making our Debut at Your Horse Live!

By Helen Wow what a weekend! So much interest, and enthusiasm around Clicker Training. I’m not sure I’ve talked with so many people on one weekend ever before in my life. Loads of answering questions, tons of sharing horsey success stories and a little bit of converting.

Autumn Clix Camp, Jive Pony and Clicker Demo

October has been a bit of a busy month - new website up, Clix College nearly up (maybe it will be by the end of the month!), Your Horse Live preparations well under way, an Autumn Clix Camp and a trip down to Gloucestershire with Toby and India for more Jive Pony

Clix Camp

I've just fininshed teaching a four day Clix Camp, which was a fantastic few days and everyone made huge progress  with their horses. There were 6 people on the course and a lovely range of horses, which gave everyone more of an insight into how to use Clicker Training in different situations. 

See all the photos here!

Jive Pony Clicker Training and Vaulting Weekend

One not-so-sunny weekend in May, Jive Pony visited our farm in North Yorkshire for a great weekend of learning clicker training and teaching vaulting (watch the video at the bottom of the post!).

Becca, Rosie and their 4 horses arrived on Friday evening and we started bright and

Toby’s Show at a Charity Open Day

It was the Open Day at Hope Pastures Equine Rescue Centre at the weekend and Toby and I travelled down to Leeds to be the entertainment again. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Inrv7w--CJI&rel=0] The show went really well, despite the howling wind which was causing Toby to be a bit excited and spooky. By the end he had a bit of a fan club and

James Shaw Ride from Within Course Review

James is back in the UK for the first time this year and last weekend was his Yorkshire course, hosted at our farm in the Dales. As ever, it was another brilliant long weekend, and we all have tons more to work on to improve our riding. After 2 beautiful

Training Diary and Sit-ups for Horses!

February has been primarily about getting Toby and India going again after their break leading up to New Year, they're now fully back into the swing of things and doing great! I've also been teaching lots, too, so thank you to everyone who's been braving the icy temperatures to have your lessons!

Training Diary

India is rising 5, so we're working

Teaching, Training, Phillipe Karl and Clicker Training Talk

Happy New Year! Sorry, I know it's a bit late, but I hit the ground running after new year and haven't stopped since! I've been teaching, training my own horses, been to my first Phillipe Karl course and done a talk on clicker training in Scunthorpe. The talk in Scunthorpe went really well, with loads of interest in clicker training

Clicker Training and Equine Touch in Portugal

I've just returned from another week working over in Portugal, many thanks to Sophie for making this happen once again. My time was split between teaching clicker training and doing Equine Touch and VHT. You can see all the photos here or scroll

Hope Pastures Open Day

Hope Pastures is an equine rescue centre near Leeds. Yesterday was their open day and Toby, India and I provided a show for them.

Above: India playing fetch: picking up the toy and then

Vaulting, horse dissection, rescue ponies and bringing on India

Well, September's been a busy month, I've been all over the place doing a variety of things, including vaulting, horse dissection, equine touch at a rescue centre and bringing on India. I had a vaulting lesson with Rosie from Jive Pony, which was absolutely brilliant! It was

Training Diary August 2010

Since so many people ask me what I've been up to with my own horses, I thought I'd start blogging about it. Feel free to ask any questions or comment! This month includes de-spooking, liberty lunging, long-lining, agility, colours, spanish walk and I got to wear my sparkly pants!! Although I

Finding the Fun with Your Horse!

Check out my very cheesy video of Toby laughing at some jokes! Of course, this isn't high on the list of behaviours most people want to teach their horse but it'svery important to find behaviours that your horse likes doing. Teaching something that's a bit daft and very different to the

Equine Touch helping rescued horses

Yesterday was my first visit to Hope Pastures equine rescue centre. I was there as a volunteer doing Equine Touch to help out some of these unfortunate horses.

The first horse I saw was a little pony named Oliver, who's only been there a week.

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