Injury on the Yard

Watch this video to see the power of clicker training-a frightened horse in pain volunteers to hold his head still to have a wound attended to! There are lots of occasions when I thank clicker training from the bottom of my heart and think it's the best invention ever

Blind Dog!

Well, I had a bit of a scare last week; we woke up on Thursday morning to find one of my dogs, Lily, had gone completely blind overnight. She couldn't see a thing. This was 7.30am and I decided to take her straight down to the vets, which opened at 8. Meanwhile, I searched online for sudden blindness in dogs

White Christmas and an Equine Ski-lift!

The snow here at Masham has been a mixed blessing. We had a lovely white christmas and have been thoroughly enjoying playing in it, skiing and sledging down the yard on boxing day, making snowmen, feeding horses and riding when we can. Take a look at this video to

Clicker Training and Equine Touch in Portugal

I've just returned from a week in sunny Portugal where I was working as anEquine Touch Practitioner and teaching clicker training. A big thank you to Sophie who organised my trip and for putting me up in her wonderful yurt at her lovely organic smallholding, She also organised an Equine Touch demo and took

James Shaw on Horse Hero

Click here to see him work with Grand Prix dressage rider, Hannah Biggs Here's what Horse Hero have to say about it: This video has the power to transform your riding! American Tai Chi expert James Shaw offers insights that will trigger some 'light bulb' moments. Working with Grand Prix dressage

Equine Touch and Colic

Last week, I noticed India, my 3yo warmblood mare, lying down in the field quite a lot in the afternoon but didn't think much of it until everyone else started cantering around the field and she didn't join in. I called them all in to the yard and sure enough India was very uncomfortable, tucked up and stiff and isn't

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