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Teaching Shoulder-in and Haunches-in Using Positive Reinforcement

Do you want your horse to be calm, relaxed, supple and body aware? Hmm, that’s an easy one! I think we all answer ‘yes’ to that! 🙂 Working on movement is an important part of a horse’s training – they … Continue reading

Top 10 Stable Boredom Busters!

If this winter is anything like last year, the chances are your horse will have to spend a lot of time in the stable. This can lead to boredom and stiffness and a very fresh horse when it comes to … Continue reading

Training Diary and Sit-ups for Horses!

February has been primarily about getting Toby and India going again after their break leading up to New Year, they’re now fully back into the swing of things and doing great! I’ve also been teaching lots, too, so thank you … Continue reading

Vaulting, horse dissection, rescue ponies and bringing on India

Well, September’s been a busy month, I’ve been all over the place doing a variety of things, including vaulting, horse dissection, equine touch at a rescue centre and bringing on India. I had a vaulting lesson with Rosie from Jive … Continue reading

Injury on the Yard

Watch this video to see the power of clicker training-a frightened horse in pain volunteers to hold his head still to have a wound attended to! Continue reading

Blind Dog!

Well, I had a bit of a scare last week; we woke up on Thursday morning to find one of my dogs, Lily, had gone completely blind overnight. She couldn’t see a thing. This was 7.30am and I decided to … Continue reading