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Get Your Ass into Gear and Decorate that Christmas Tree!

This video is sure to get you feeling all festive – watching horses, ponies and, yes, donkeys decorate a Christmas tree! “Ass if?!” I hear you say! Well it’s true, though I promise I’ll stop with the donkey jokes! They … Continue reading

Happy Halloween Horses?

Are your horses happy this Halloween? The nights are drawing in, the grass is disappearing and the mud is reappearing… However, if you click on the video below you can cheer yourself up with this Halloween video treat we’ve got … Continue reading

Teach Your Horse a Trick – Step-by-Step Catch!

In my last trick blog, Why You Should Teach an Old horse New Tricks, I talked about the many reasons why I think everyone should teach their horse tricks and gave you plenty of inspiration in the video… Here is … Continue reading

Why You Should Teach Your Old Horse New Tricks

Trick training is Fun. Trick training is Useful. It is underrated in the equine world but everyone should teach their horse new tricks. Why? Read on to find out… I meet some people who get a bit snobby about trick … Continue reading

Hacking with Hannah

In the middle of May, two of my students came to my farm in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales for 3 days of hacking-lessons. They both have young, green horses and wanted some support and guidance to keep everyone confident when … Continue reading

Snow White – A Pony Tale; Watch it NOW!!

The long-awaited Snow White – A Pony Tale is finally here! A tale of love, passion, attempted murder, drama and HORSES! LOTS of horses! This quirky take on the original tale involves all my own 7 horses in place of … Continue reading

Learning to Learn… And Therefore Teach!

It occurred to me that clicker training horses requires you to be both learner and teacher simultaneously – you’re always learning how to be better balanced, co-ordinated, use new technques and so on, while at the same time teaching your … Continue reading

Snow White Premiere in aid of the Zonkeys!

Hannah Dawson Equine Presents Snow White – A Pony Tale in aid of the Zonkeys You are invited to the premiere of Snow White a Pony Tale – the latest short film production from HDE. Watch the trailer now: Missed … Continue reading

We Wish You a Merry Clixmas!


Clicker Training for Creativity!

How creative is your horse? It’s often hard to find this out (unless your horse demonstrates his creativity by finding new ways to escape and break into the feed room!) because of the way we train horses – we teach … Continue reading

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Watch our glowing Christmas video to get you in the spirit! Hope you enjoyed our christmas video, we certainly had a lot of fun making it. Luckily for us, our horses have been owned by slightly nutty girls (Hannah and … Continue reading

Top 10 Stable Boredom Busters!

If this winter is anything like last year, the chances are your horse will have to spend a lot of time in the stable. This can lead to boredom and stiffness and a very fresh horse when it comes to … Continue reading

Jive Pony Clicker Training and Vaulting Weekend

One not-so-sunny weekend in May, Jive Pony visited our farm in North Yorkshire for a great weekend of learning clicker training and teaching vaulting (watch the video at the bottom of the post!). Becca, Rosie and their 4 horses arrived … Continue reading