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Hacking with Hannah

In the middle of May, two of my students came to my farm in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales for 3 days of hacking-lessons. They both have young, green horses and wanted some support and guidance to keep everyone confident when … Continue reading

Clicking for Calmness

A calm, relaxed, yet keen, horse is what we’re all searching for, but if you’ve had much to do with horses, you’ll know it’s not easy to get!! Horses are prey animals who are naturally quite spooky because running first … Continue reading

Clicker Training in Portugal – On the Ground

Just back from another fab clicker training trip to Portugal and this one was even better because some Clix College members came, too! This video shows some highlights of the week, using clicker training in a wide range of situations. … Continue reading

Zonkey Training – Removing Zee’s Headcollar (part 3)

This video shows how I built up to removing Zee’s headcollar easily and calmly. It’s a great example of how clicker training can help equines overcome fear without any need for force or drama. It’s an excerpt from a presentation … Continue reading

Zonkey Training Continued – Part 2!

Training with the 2 stripey girls has been going really well. This video was taken after I’d been clicker training them for about 2 weeks. They have 2 behaviours solidly on cue and we’ve all learned some interesting lessons regarding … Continue reading

Learning to Learn… And Therefore Teach!

It occurred to me that clicker training horses requires you to be both learner and teacher simultaneously – you’re always learning how to be better balanced, co-ordinated, use new technques and so on, while at the same time teaching your … Continue reading

Hannah’s Video Blog – Sending to Targets

This is an excerpt from a lesson with one of my students teaching her horse to free jump. Lorna came off and broke and dislocated her arm a few months ago and so can’t ride (or even lunge) at present … Continue reading

Zonkey Training!

Happy new year! 2013 has just arrived and one of my new year’s resolutions is to post regular video blogs all about what I’m getting up to. I’m beginning with sharing my exciting start to the year. Introducing the Zonkeys, … Continue reading

Bloody Zen Horsemanship (a clicker training journey)

I recently had an email from one of my clients who had just had a frustrating session with her horse – one of THOSE days. We all have ups and downs with our horses and we are all emotionally attached, … Continue reading


Round pens are a common sight for training horses in and they certainly have their uses. However, I often use them a bit differently to how they are normally used – the handler is inside, but the horse is on … Continue reading

Loading Tips and Tricks – Making Loading FUN!

<Loading Tips and Tricks Part 1 – Preparation Click here to read. Once you’ve done all the loading preparation exercises, your horse is ready to approach the box/trailer and begin traveling. Here are my tips to make this a fun … Continue reading

Loading Tips and Tricks – Preparation

Problems with loading is one of the most common issues horse owners face. It’s a nightmare when you dread having to try to get your horse in the box, need to ensure you have loads of extra time before you … Continue reading

“Chase Me!” says Charlie

By Helen I didn’t believe Hannah when she told me I could have a pony who came to call. Especially when the key to this involved treats, in which Charlie had never shown an interest and it had always been … Continue reading

New Year, New Beginnings – How I Rescued my Horse…and Me.

New Year is a great time to get in there and try something new, determined to find a solution to a problem or improve your existing skills – a great time to give clicker training a go! It got us … Continue reading