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Bridging the Gap Between Mounted and Dismounted

Fire Side Chat with Rachel and Helen  Do you have a great connection with your horse when you’re on the ground, but find your horse seems to lose you once you’re in the saddle? It’s a common problem and one … Continue reading

New Year, New Beginnings – How I Rescued my Horse…and Me.

New Year is a great time to get in there and try something new, determined to find a solution to a problem or improve your existing skills – a great time to give clicker training a go! It got us … Continue reading

Toby’s Show at a Charity Open Day

It was the Open Day at Hope Pastures Equine Rescue Centre at the weekend and Toby and I travelled down to Leeds to be the entertainment again. [youtube=–CJI&rel=0] The show went really well, despite the howling wind which was causing … Continue reading