Clicker Training for Horse Agility

Horse Agility is a super sport, fast gaining popularity. It’s perfect for horses who are too young/old to be ridden, to work on improving manners and behaviour on the ground and to have some fun with your horse! It’s also accessible the world over and perfect if you haven’t the means to travel your horse.

Clicker training is perfect for training horse agility because the clarity it gives you really helps to explain to the horses what you want them to do at each obstacle. It gives structure to your training and helps with ideas, too as they have a different course every month.

This video shows me working with my horses over November’s course. The horses are at various stages with the horse agility, so you’ll see some obstacles where the horses are still being trained over them. My goal was for all my horses to have a fun session and to work where they’re at. I certainly had a lot of fun, and think they did, too!

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