Demo Tour Highlights Spring 2012

This Spring, we set off to do a short series of Clicker Training demos around the North of England, with special guests Galloping Acrobatics providing a super grand finale!

Watch the video to see the highlights:

Toby and India did a super job at these demos. They hadn’t really been anywhere all winter as we’ve been working on training at home, so the last big outing they had was to Gloucestershire in October to do a demo at the Equine Touch Conference. However, neither of them forgot what to do in front of an audience and both performed brilliantly.

India is now rising 6 and has been doing demos for the past 3 years. Having started at a young age, she’s pretty calm in front of an audience and showed everyone how fantastic clicker training is for starting a young horse. All of India’s training has been done with positive reinforcement and she therefore loves people and is really confident in all she does. She showed how we used targeting for spookiness, teaching leading basics, improving body awareness in the young horse in preparation for riding, introducing tack with the clicker (she’ll pick up her bit on her own and is very happy to have the saddle under her belly), lining up at the mounting block at liberty and first being happy with a rider. She was foot perfect with it all, even though she definitely had her eye on Rosie’s Caspar now and again!

Toby was demonstrating the more advanced work. He’s now in his early 20’s and has had a lot of physical problems in the past, so we showed the body awareness and various exercises we’ve used to help change this. This includes his ‘lift’ where he rocks his weight onto his hind legs and engages his stomach muscles on cue. This has now developed into a gorgeous elevated trot, which we’re working on both collecting it more and extending it more, all at liberty. He also showed our interesting approach to lateral work and his softness and willingness under saddle. This was a big deal for him, as for many years he didn’t want to go forwards AT ALL with a rider on board – he’s gone from slug to superstar with the clicker!

Then Rosie took to the floor, with her super act from Galloping Acrobatics. This includes incredible vaulting skills and some super trick training (watch the video!). As Caspar is still quite young and inexperienced, it was a lovely opportunity to get him out in front of some supportive crowds before his big shows this summer and he did a brilliant job wowing everyone!

BIG thanks to everyone who came, you were lovely audiences and we hope you all enjoyed the night! Thanks also to Rachel, Willie and Helen, who all worked really hard to get everything running smoothly and Helen did a great job, both acting as a pushy horse being introduced to the clicker (again, watch the video!) and as the fabulous commentator for Galloping Acrobatics!

2 Responses to Demo Tour Highlights Spring 2012

  1. Marte Huggard says:

    Well done!! I am inspired 🙂

  2. Profile photo of Rachel-HDE Rachel-HDE says:

    Loved the real thing and really enjoyed the video. Great showpiece on what clicker training is all about so I hope we can get it out there to inspire people to try this with their horse. Well done to Helen too for the massive edit job, reducing about 6 hours of footage to 5 minutes!!

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