Happy Halloween Horses?

Are your horses happy this Halloween? The nights are drawing in, the grass is disappearing and the mud is reappearing…

However, if you click on the video below you can cheer yourself up with this Halloween video treat we’ve got for you:

. . . And now we’ve put you in a better mood, here’s how to cheer your horse up, too! The perfect way for you both to have fun indoors and battle those stable boredom blues is to teach a new trick!
Below is a step by step video on how to teach your horse to catch. Since it’s Halloween, why not find something creepy for your horse to catch; a witches hat, Dracula’s cape or the mummy’s bandages (cheesy but guaranteed to make you smile!).

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So this Halloween scrap trick or treat it’s trick for treat!

I strongly recommend that you have taught your horse the basics of clicker training before teaching them to catch; this is to make sure they are calm and polite when working with treats, understand what the click means and only offer behaviours when you ask for them. It can be all too easy to confuse, frustrate or over-excite your horse with clicker training, so getting the basics in place is a must.
I have plenty of material on how to do this in Clix College Online (there is also a full 2-part video on training catch on Clix College plus loads of other tricks and tips – over 60 step by step training videos in all!) and through my Video Downloads.

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