Injury on the Yard

Watch this video to see the power of clicker training-a frightened horse in pain volunteers to hold his head still to have a wound attended to!

There are lots of occasions when I thank clicker training from the bottom of my heart and think it’s the best invention ever and I had one of those moments the other day when it changed a potentially stressful situation into a calm and easy one!

Two days ago I went out to the field to find our arab, Khalil with blood all over his face. He arrived to us with a large bony lump on the side of his face, which we left as it wasn’t causing him any problems. But he somehow managed to catch it on something in the field and had ripped most of it off.

So we called the vet instead of going riding on that lovely summer evening and he cut the lump right off, leaving a large open wound on khal’s face. The prospect of cleaning it out the next day could have been difficult as Khalil is very flighty and unsure in new situations. Luckily he’s also clicker trained!

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