Snow White – A Pony Tale; Watch it NOW!!

snow-white-a-pony-taleThe long-awaited Snow White – A Pony Tale is finally here!

A tale of love, passion, attempted murder, drama and HORSES! LOTS of horses!

This quirky take on the original tale involves all my own 7 horses in place of the dwarves and the brilliant Rebecca Townsend and Rosie Howard joined us with their incredible trick-trained horses, too! I think many of you will recognise Robert Blane, our handsome prince, too and the lovely Helen who did a great job as Snow White

Watch it NOW!

And for a proper laugh, take a look at the out takes!

If you missed last year’s Pony Tale, click here to watch Cinderella!

5 Responses to Snow White – A Pony Tale; Watch it NOW!!

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  2. jackie says:

    That was fun! Looked like a lot of fun to make too.
    I loved the Highland’s sliding stop.

  3. MaryAnna says:

    I loved your Snow White. Wonderful in deed. I’m a 62 year old grandmother who used to ride a bit like you years ago and I loved the fun of it you had. I have forwarded it to several of my Grandchildren who have enjoyed riding with me. I am certain they will love it too. Thank you so much for all the work and fun you accomplished to pass this on for my enjoyment. Indeed I enjoyed. And the horses truly stole the show!!


  4. Audrey Ellenor says:

    Just watched your take on Snow White it was brilliant, thought you did some magnificant
    training with the horses. The out takes were funny too.

    Kind regards,

  5. Well done Hannah, really enjoyed your Pony Tale. I smiled all the way through. The horses are the stars though, such talent.

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