Taking Clicker to Your Horse Live 2012

We had a super weekend at Your Horse Live last weekend – chatting all day about horses is right up our street!

In our Vlog, Helen and I are having a chat about how we found the weekend – watch it to hear our thoughts!

After a rather slow start getting down to the venue on the Friday (both the M1 and A1 were shut Southbound!), we arrived with enough time to set up our stand. Cue our lovely roll-out orange floor… which clashed horribly with the pink carpet in the YHL marquee! Ah well, vintage 70’s look it was!

All the punters started arriving on Saturday morning and we talked non-stop for 2 days – but as we were talking horses and clicker training, we were more than happy to do this! Helen, Rachel and myself were kept very busy answering questions on all aspects of clicker training. It was our second year at Your Horse Live and there was a lot of interest in positive reinforcement techniques. Being the only clicker training stand there, we got all the clicker questions! However, far more people had heard of it, seen it and tried it this year than last, which was super for us!

We’ve got lots more members swelling the ranks of Clix College, too, which is great – more people training their horses using these fun and effective techniques and more people to chat to on the forum and seminars! Having been building Clix College for the past few years, it’s so exciting for me to have it up and running and more members joining all the time. Clicker training has changed my perception of horses and horse training and I love sharing what I’m learning through my own and clients’ horses. I definitely feel like I’ve been clicked for all my hard work!

Although rather hoarse by the end of the weekend, we had a super time. The whole experience was enhanced by the friendliness of the surrounding stands, getting to know them and their products. I can see that doing lots of shows would be great fun as everyone’s so warm and welcoming. One of those stalls in particular was Countryshires Equestrian who had some very lovely belts, which you’ll no doubt see Helen and I wearing sometime soon as we had to give in to temptation!

Helen has also set up her own blog on her personal equestrian journey and she began by interviewing several experts on their stands at Your Horse Live. If you’d like more info on worming, feeding and horseback archery, click here!

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