Teaching Shoulder-in and Haunches-in Using Positive Reinforcement

Do you want your horse to be calm, relaxed, supple and body aware?
Hmm, that’s an easy one! I think we all answer ‘yes’ to that! 🙂

Working on movement is an important part of a horse’s training – they need to be fit, body aware and supple to be a responsive, sound riding horse. I’m really focusing on suppling work with India at the moment, which she needs after a winter off!

She’s doing really well and her body has changed even over the last month as I’ve been doing this work regularly with her – she’s noticeably fitter, she’s got a better topline and her strides have lengthened and loosened, even when she’s in the field!

Here’s an excerpt from a session I did with her just the other day – I’m teaching her to isolate and mobilise the hindquarters for shoulder-in and haunches-in.

The full session (and loads more, of course!) is available to Connection Training Members so why not join us and check it out?

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