White Christmas and an Equine Ski-lift!

The snow here at Masham has been a mixed blessing. We had a lovely white christmas and have been thoroughly enjoying playing in it, skiing and sledging down the yard on boxing day, making snowmen, feeding horses and riding when we can.

Take a look at this video to see Toby acting as an equine ski lift while I wentsnowboarding down our field! I wasn’t going any where fast but it was a lot of fun anyway!

I’ve also had the time to get some clicker training in and taken some gorgeous photos of the horses and dogs in the snow as well as the gingerbread house I created for christmas! Check them out here.

The only problem with the snow has been getting in and out. The roads to the farm haven’t been gritted at all and are very hilly so we’ve not been able to get the big van out or the small van to within about a mile of the farm. This has obviously affected feed deliveries but we’re doing our best to get feed out now that the snow is starting to melt a little. Just give us a ring if you have any queries.


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