Why You Should Teach Your Old Horse New Tricks

Trick training is Fun. Trick training is Useful. It is underrated in the equine world but everyone should teach their horse new tricks. Why? Read on to find out…india-spanish-walk

I meet some people who get a bit snobby about trick training.
“Oh, that’s just a trick,” I hear them say, disparagingly.
Just a trick?! There’s a lot more to it than that!

Here are 4 reasons to trick train your horse:

1. Training Skills
Having great training skills is important for ALL behaviours you teach your horse and I think trick training is a great place to learn them for the human.
Well, because, usually, we don’t have quite as much emotion invested in trick training, so we’re not so desperate for the perfect outcome (as opposed to say teaching your horse to load or understand shoulder-in). This means we can be a bit more objective and really see how the horse is responding to our training without getting all worked up.
tricks-and-fun-stuff-2-452x1982. Reward-based training boosts your relationship. If the time your horse spends with you is fun and positive, he’ll want to spend more with you. Help yourself to become the best thing in your horse’s life!

3. Tricks get your horse’s brain working, too. The more things your horse learns, the better he’ll be at learning. So, help him to use his brain by teaching tricks and you’ll find he’s more tuned into you and better prepared to work out other things you teach him, too. This includes ALL the training and riding you do together.

4. Tricks make you SMILE. You just can’t help it… watching a horse play fetch toby-smileor catch or push a ball. I bet you’re smiling just thinking about it. And smiling is GOOD. Being relaxed when horse training is a GOOD thing – horses nearly always learn better when we’re relaxed.

Improve your skills, boost your relationship and have fun at the same time? Sounds good to me!


So: Tricks are Fun. Tricks are Useful. That’s exactly why Likit have asked me to do a mini series of how-to videos on trick training. You can see my blog on their site here.

Or watch the first Clikit, Trikit, Likit inspirational video now:

Make sure you don’t miss out on the how-to trick training videos coming soon – sign up to our mailing list!arrowOf course, Clix College has tons of how-to videos ready for you to watch already. Check it out, join up and I’ll see you there!

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