Zonkey Training – Removing Zee’s Headcollar (part 3)

zonkey training - removing zee's headcollarThis video shows how I built up to removing Zee’s headcollar easily and calmly. It’s a great example of how clicker training can help equines overcome fear without any need for force or drama.

It’s an excerpt from a presentation I did on how I’d been training the Zonkeys at the Snow White – A Pony Tale Premiere.

If you haven’t seen them yet click here to watch: Zonkey Training Part 1 and Zonkey Training Part 2.

9 Responses to Zonkey Training – Removing Zee’s Headcollar (part 3)

  1. jackie says:

    That was fascinating. It was good that you drew attention to the swishing tail and the length of time she took to eat as signs of stress. It is so easy to miss these subtle indicators of stress. I am glad you are filming this whole process. It is very enlightening. Thank you.

  2. Profile photo of verona verona says:

    Yupiii! Great great great job! Love it!

  3. Brilliant Hannah well done!!
    See you tomorrow 🙂 I’m more excited than Sophie 🙂 🙂

  4. MaryAnna says:

    Hannah, how fantastic. When the head collar dropped on the floor, I began to cry with releif and joy and when you held it up, I was crying with the greatest smile of happiness!

    Good job. Bless you for sharing you knowedge and goodness.

  5. That’s fantastic, I got all teary at the end! See you TOMORROW !!! (can you tell I am excited?)

  6. Susan Coombes says:

    Well done. It takes a lot of patience to train an animal. I use clicker training to halter train my alpacas and to cut their toenails. Some alpaca owners use the smash and grab approach. My vet was amazed that I could get really close to them and put the halter on. I have also injected them and put eye drops in. They are terribly fearful animals (the huge eyes and ears are a givaway to their flighty nature) However I have found that after several months they will actually try to cooperate. The people who corner them and make a grab really don’t know what they are missing. We are still struggling with leading though!
    I also have 2 ponies and they are also clicker trained.

  7. A fantastic example of how patience in training is the way to go! Congratulations – well done!

  8. AnneMarie says:

    You did really well !

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