Equine Touch and Colic

Last week, I noticed India, my 3yo warmblood mare, lying down in the field quite a lot in the afternoon but didn’t think much of it until everyone else started cantering around the field and she didn’t join in. I called them all in to the yard and sure enough India was very uncomfortable, tucked up and stiff and isn’t wasn’t long before she started the telltale signs of nudging her tummy, pawing the ground and continually getting up and lying down. Putting my ear to her side all I could hear was a very ominous silence. Uh-oh, colic.

I immediately started giving her some Equine Touch and was thorougly amazed at the results! After about 30 seconds her stomach gave an enormous rumble and isn’t wasn’t long after that she passed some wind. I’m not often so excited by a fart! She was still very uncomfortable and her belly was very sore to the touch. Her abdominal muscles and some over her back were very tight and contracted and she really didn’t want to move, so I carried on with the Balance.

As it went on she started to relax her muscles and breathe more deeply, and after about half an hour lay down. She was obviously more comfortable in this position and I just continued working on her where she was. Her muscles were relaxing, the grumbling was getting more frequent and she was still letting out the occasional fart. The pain around her belly was also getting less and by the time I finished she was fast asleep, eyes shut, head on the ground.

I left her where she was with Toby standing over and kept an eye out. She stayed there for nearly half an hour and when I checked on her a bit later she was standing up, had left a neat pile of muck and came trotting down to the fence demanding to be fed! I left her in overnight with a big bucket of Simple System feed and she was right as rain in the morning.

It was such a great result, Equine Touch is a very powerful tool and I’m constantly amazed at the great results it produces when I use it, from digestive problems, stiffness, lameness, tension, bad behaviour…the list goes on!


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