Equine Touch helping rescued horses

Yesterday was my first visit to Hope Pastures equine rescue centre. I was there as a volunteer doing Equine Touch to help out some of these unfortunate horses.

The first horse I saw was a little pony named Oliver, who’s only been there a week. As you can see from the picture, he’s pretty thin and also has a slightly deformed knee after an injury some years ago. He had quite a few sore spots, a lot of tight muscles and knots, as well as a sore stomach (not surprising since he arrived with a large worm burden he’s currently getting rid of).

I also met Peanut, a gorgeous little donkey and another new arrival. Only one year old, he was picked up from a horse sales with very overgrown feet and a slightly wonky back. He’s very small, his back only coming up to my thighs, but friendly and curious too. Very very cute!

A big thanks to Sophy, who arranged my visit, showed me round and held the horses. Turns out she’s been clicker training some of the horses there, which is fantastic! I’m looking forward to my next visit, where I’ll update you on Peanut and Oliver.

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  1. Pauline Bell says:

    I really enjoy reading your news and watching your videos Hannah. My old horse George (Fir Tree) passed away aged 32 last year and all I am looking after at the moment is my grandchildren’s pony. If and when I have another horse to care for I am determined to start clicker training. Keep up the good work.

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