Who is Hannah Dawson?

Hannah is a horse trainer with a lot of experience in different approaches and techniques. Her Clix Connection approach uses positive reinforcement to get the most out of you and your horse and have fun while doing it! She teaches her methods via coaching, courses and online, through the Clix College.

To find out more about Hannah, the team and her horses visit the Meet Us section.

What is Clix Connection and how could it help me?

Hannah Dawson’s Clix Connection method is based on positive reinforcement and using clicker training to help communicate to and motivate your horse.

To find out more about the hows and whys of our techniques and watch videos to see it in action, visit the Horse Training section.

My horse has behavioural problems, can Clix Connection techniques help?

Yes, these techniques are brilliant for solving behavioural problems and Hannah has lots of experience in this area. 

To find out more and watch a video to see how we approach behavioural problems in horses, visit the Problems page.

I want to get to advanced work with my horse, can Clix Connection techniques help?

Because the clicker gives you such clarity in your training and your horse is really motivated to try for you, it’s surprisingly easy to get fantastic results using these techniques.

Visit the Performance page to find out more!

I want to improve my ridden work with my horse, can Clix Connection help?

Our approach is to improve both horse and rider on the ground, using suppling, fittening and body awareness techniques, and then to combine it all in the saddle using the clicker. This produces pretty outstanding results regardless of whether you’re riding a gorgeous hairy cob or a stunning sports horse, a youngster or an old-hand.

Visit the Riding page to find out more.

I'd like to learn with you, where are you based?

We’re based near Masham, in North Yorkshire, UK. You are very welcome to come to us for coaching and courses and we have horses available to borrow for these if you can’t bring your own. We also cover the surrounding area giving private lessons. If you’re outside of this area (or even in another country), please get in touch and we can organise to come to you!

Hannah also gives talks and demonstrations on her techniques as well.

For more info, visit the Learn it Live section.

Can I learn these techniques online?

Yes, our Clix College membership site gives you everything you need to know to learn these techniques online. It has step-by-step videos which are filmed with real people and real horses, training theory articles, your own profile and training diary, access to a forum, other members, email support, video lessons and more.

To find out more about this visit the Learn it Online section.

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