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 Snow White – A Pony Tale!

A tale of love, passion, attempted murder, drama and HORSES! LOTS of horses!

This quirky take on the original tale involves all my own 7 horses in place of the dwarves and the brilliant Rebecca Townsend and Rosie Howard joined us with their incredible trick-trained horses, too! I think many of you will recognise Robert Blane, our handsome prince, too and the lovely Helen who did a great job as Snow White

snow white trailer

How to Teach Your Horse Tricks – TO CATCH! With Likit!catch-video-image
Teach your horse to catch – a fun trick anyone can teach their horse!
Clicks for Tricks with Likit!
likti-video-imageUse clicker training to teach fun tricks to your horse! Fetch, catch, hoopla, Spanish Walk, washing up… Great for reducing stable boredom and having fun with your horse, Hannah gives you some inspiration using Likit Snaks.
Clicker Training in Clicker training Hacking Lessons with young, green horses!
hacking with hannah
How I use clicker training to help build confidence in young, green horses when starting to hack out with 2 of my students. Meeting pigs, tractors, fords and more!
She’s Got a Ticket to Ride!hannah-india-mountingDoes your horse line up for you at the mounting block and then stand patiently while you sort out your stirrups and girth?
Tai Chi Riding in Portugal
taichi-vid-picLike many riders, Rachael finds it hard to release her hips and follow the horse’s movement. If you find this to be a problem too, or have a tight lower back, watch this extract from her lesson.
Clicker Training in Portugal – On the Ground
clicker training in portugalClicker training trip to Portugal with Clix College members.This video shows some highlights of the week, using clicker training in a wide range of situations.
Zonkey Training Continued – Part 3!

zonkey training - removing zee's headcollarThis video shows how I built up to removing Zee’s headcollar easily and calmly.

SNOW WHITE – A Pony Tale
snow-white-a-pony-taleA tale of love, passion, attempted murder, drama and HORSES! LOTS of horses!
Watch the OUT TAKES too!
Snow White Sneak Peek!
snowwhite-sneak-peekHere’s a sneak preview of the oh-so-famous apple scene, (although with a slight twist on the usual version…) with a sneaky peek at some behind-the-scenes training.
Zonkey Training Continued – Part 2!

emotional-control-in-practice-in-clicker-trainingThey have 2 behaviours solidly on cue and we’ve all learned some interesting lessons regarding zonkey and human behaviours!

Sending to Targets!!
bobby-play-screenThis is an excerpt from a lesson with one of my students teaching her horse to free jump.
 Zonkey Training!

Zonks-Jan-1-playIntroducing the Zonkeys, two zebra x donkeys!These beautiful stripey girls are my first new project of 2013!

 We Wish You a Merry Clixmas!christmas vid
Fire Side Chat with
Rachel and Helen




Do you have a great connection with your horse when you’re on the ground, but find your horse seems to lose you once you’re in the saddle?

Clicker Training For CreativityWatch India play ‘Show Me Something New’ for the first time!Read Hannah’s blog to go along with this video HERE.

Spring Demo Tour Highlights!

India and Toby show off their clicker trained skills. With special guest Galloping Acrobatics.

Creative ways to make Loading Fun!!

See how much fun you and your horse can have in a horse box.

Cinderella a Pony Tale

A short film staring Toby and Murphy. The tale we all know with a modern twist.

Watch the OUT TAKES here

Ode to Toby.
Toby shows off!!

Toby’s best behaviours (so far!!). All taught using clicker training

“Chase me!” Says Charlie

Charlie and Helen Learn about Clicker Training together.

Amazing Glowing Horses!!!

Christmas 2011

Let it Glow,
Let it Glow,
Let it Glow!!

Watch how we made our Horsey Mugs

Proof! There is no photo shopping going on here !!

Need More explanation? Check out the Mugshots page.

Teaching a Young Horse How to be Lead
This video shows Hannah using clicker training to teach a young horse, with very little handling, how to be lead in just 3 days!

Zombie Horses Attack!

The Zombie Horses are coming – BEWARE!
Halloween video of trick-trained zombie horses.

Vaulting Lessons with Jive Pony
May 2011
jive-pony-vaulting lessons videoThe expert vaulters of Jive Pony came to give a day of vaulting lessons – a fantastic way to improve balance and confidence on horse back and have loads of fun! Click here for blog!

Hannah’s Charity Show May 2011hannah dawson clicker training hope-pastures-charity show videoHannah doing a show for charity – Hope Pastures Equine Rescue Centre – with clicker trained horse, Toby. Including, bareback and bridleless, liberty, tricks and more! Click here for blog!

Clicker Talk Excerpt April 2011

Hannah Dawson clicker training talk excerpt videoExcerpt from an evening presentation by Hannah Dawson on Clicker Training your horse. Click here for blog!

Riding Lesson with James Shaw – Hannah on Young Horse

james-riding-lesson with Hannah Dawson videoUsing rider’s seat to refine turns and encourage a young, green horse to engage hindquarters and lift through the back. Click here for blog!

Core Strengthening Exercises – Sit-ups for Horses!

sit-ups for horses! core stregnthening clicker training videoA great video showing how clicker training can be used to train your horse how to shift his weight onto his hindquarters and really engage his core to lift the back. This is a great exercise – basically sit-ups for horses! Click here for blog!

Hannah’s Training Diary Feb 2011

clicker training-diary-feb-2011 young horse and movement videoHannah’s training diary showing what she’s been working on with her horses. This month includes bringing on a young horse and looking at movement at the lunge. Click here for blog!

Teaching a Horse to us an Inhaler

clicker training medical procedure - inhaler videoTeaching a horse with respiratory problems how to to use an inhaler using clicker training! A superb piece of training from one of Hannah’s clients, showing how valuable the clicker is in medical procedures.

Teaching a Young Colt some Manners around People. clicker training young colt - manners around peopleUsing clicker training, we teach this pushy young colt how to be more polite around people. He was very green and these were his first days of clicker training. Click here for blog!
Rescued Mule and Donkey just Playingrescued mule and donkey playing videoJust great to watch, rearing, biting, chasing, just playing together. i met them and their owner, Maggie, when I was out working in Portugal recently, teahcing clicker training and doing Equine Touch. Click here for blog!
First Ridden Sessions with Young HorseClicker Training first ridden sessions with young horse videoIndia is 4, this video is of the second time she’s been ridden without help from someone on the ground. Using clicker training to teach her the aids of walk, stop, left and right. Click here for blog!

Training Diary August 2010

hannah dawson clicker training-diary-aug-2010 video

This shows what Hannah’s been working on with her own horses including horse agility, tricks, liberty lunging, long-ling a young horse, de-spooking and more. Click here to read the blog to go with this video.

Toby Laughs at Jokes!

horse laughs at jokes clicker training video

Toby laughs at Hannah’s jokes – this cheesy video is sure to make you smile!

Click here for blog!


Treat Wounds Easily with Clicker Trainingtreat horse wound easily with clicker training hannah dawson videoTeaching a spooky Arab to hold his head still to have a wound tended to using clicker training. A great video to show the power of clicker training! Click here for blog!

Clicker Train Shoulder-In

clicker train shoulder-in hannah dawson videoExcerpt from a Clicker Training Demo, showing the progression of shoulder-in in hand at walk, trot and into ridden. Toby is a 20 year old cob, clicker training improving his balance, suppleness and willingness. Note how lifted and free his back is throughout the movement, something I never thought I’d be able to achieve with him!

Backing a Young Horse
saddling and backing young horse with clicker training videoSaddling and mounting a young horse using clicker training. India is 3yo and this shows the process I used to calmly, quietly and confidently introduce her to saddle and rider using positive reinforcement methods.
Pony Ski Lift!pony-ski-lift! Hannah Dawson Equine video
A novel way to get up the hills while enjoying snowboarding in the Yorkshire dales! Using clicker training, I’ve taught my pony, Toby, many different skills and tricks so he’s ready to do any crazy thing I ask him.  Click here for blog!
Hannah’s Horses Playinghorses-playing together hannah dawson videoMy horses playing together having a great time! Just being horses… From this happy, healthy behaviour I have developed a great relationship with super training results as I’ve maintained their curiosity and joy. Horse Clicker Training Compilationhorse clicker training video hannah dawson Liberty, tricks, fetch, dressage, collection, manners…what can you teach your horse with clicker training?
Lesson with James Shawjames shaw-lesson hannah dawson video
A clip of a riding lesson with James Shaw teaching hannah Dawson (on a borrowed horse), working on helping a young green horse into collection. James Shaw teaches Ride from Within, using Tai Chi techniques to improve your balance and connection with your horse.  Click here for blog!
Tricks and Fun in the Snow!clicker train pony ski lift hannah dawson videoHannah and Toby in the snow, including bareback and bridleless riding, and some liberty work.

Positive Reinforcement with Aggressive Stallionaggressive-stallion training video hannah dawsonUsing a reward of a nose or head rub with an aggressive stallion. By the end of these few short sessions I wanted to take him home, what a sweetie! Click here for blog!