Learn It Live


Sometimes you need to spend lots of time alone with your horse, working your stuff out together. Great! You’ve joined the on-line programme and forum to inspire and support you. And sometimes you just need a real person, there beside you, to see what you can’t see.  And to give you that next piece of the jigsaw that you just can’t find.

So we also have courses, coaching, demonstrations and talks to fit those moments. Occasional lessons, or attending a course or talk, will help accelerate your learning and keep up your enthusiasm.

You can come to us for courses or coaching or we can come to you.

Clicker Training lesson in Hand

Hannah can come to your Riding Club, Yard or other Group, to present her superb evening talk about her work. She uses videos to show her approach and gets everyone involved with activities so they can experience some of the effects themselves.

Her demonstrations involve her own horses, usually Toby and India. On a typical demonstration she will show why Clix Connection is so effective and how to introduce it. She’ll then go on to perform with her horses so the audience enjoy an inspiring and informative event.

Check out the diary for up-coming events or contact us for help to arrange your own.

We look forward to meeting you for real!