Hope Pastures

New for 2013!
Clicker training workshops, suitable for all levels, at Hope Pastures Rescue Centre, Leeds. Work with their rescued horses and ponies. Teach them groundwork, tricks, problem solving and build their trust and confidence in humans.

Learn how clicker training works, introduce it to new horses, build your skills with more experienced ones. We’ll always pair you with a suitable horse so it’s great for learning more if you’re new to clicker training and honing your skills if you’re more advanced.

It will be great fun and very rewarding for all involved (both 2- and 4-legged!) and we hope to help these rescued horses and ponies become easier to handle and fun to be with (we can teach them tricks and horse agility), which will help to rehome them in future.

Usually the first Wednesday of the month! (please book your place and ensure confirmation of date by emailing hannah@hannahdawsonequine.co.uk)
(including tuition and use of horses and facilities.)

Hope Pastures, LEEDS LS16 5PH

For more info and to book your place, email Hannah@hannahdawsonequine.co.uk

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