…often happen when you are learning with others. It’s the group effect. And supporting your individual training with your horse, by occasionally going on a course, is one of the best ways to make quicker progress. You can come to our farm, bringing your horse and having a short holiday. If you can’t bring your horse, you may be able to borrow one of ours. Or we can come to you and hold the course at your farm or livery yard. Courses include ground participants too, so you don’t all need to bring your horse.
Bomb Proofing Your Horse

Our courses are fun, affordable and help you get further faster. Contact usnow to arrange a course at your place or click here for dates at ours. See you soon!


Clix Connection Weekends!

Check out the diary for upcoming dates!
*NEW for 2013!* Workshop days at Hope Pastures Rescue Centre, Leeds. Click here for more info!

Every month we hold a Clix Connection weekend at our farm. These weekends are suitable for EVERYONE who’s interested in clicker training, from the complete newbie looking to get started to the advanced clicker trainer, who wants to improve their skills.

The course will be tailored to the participants and will involve dismounted theory and workshops as well as lessons with horses. Participants may be split into groups to focus on different areas of training, so you will always be working at a level which suits you. You are welcome to bring your own horse or to work with one of ours (currently ground skills only). Either way, all participants work together and also have individual sessions. Our aim is for you to learn as much as you can in a relaxed, happy environment.

Common areas we cover are:

  • Getting Started – This includes using Targeting to teach your horse about the clicker and for improving focus, connection, motivation, leading, calming, spooking etc and how to train safely with food rewards and teach your horse self-control around treats – the path to a polite horse!
  • Problem Solving – Things such as spooky and anxious  horses, bargey horses, loading issues, aggression, lack of motivation, picking up feet, head shy, won’t stand for mounting, leading problems and more.
  • Rider and Handler Techniques – Learn to be the best for your horse! Improve your balance and body awareness for riding and rope handling, tidy up your cues to improve your communication, put yourself in your horse’s shoes and be clicker trained yourself, learn more about how horses learn and best techniques to teach them.
  • Balance and Body Awareness exercises for your horse. Improve your horse’s musculature and self-carriage with these exercises – great for young horses, rehab horses and improving connection and performance.
  • Ridden Work – How to use the clicker under saddle. Learn about the best techniques for you as a rider and for your horse to take your ridden work up to the next level! Perfect for improving connection, building confidence and improving movement.
  • Training Techniques – Learn about different positive reinforcement training techniques to give your training a boost and expand your training toolbox so you have something to use in any situation! Things like calming techniques, putting together a training session, improving cues and stimulus control, chaining, creativity and more…
  • Tricks and Fun Stuff – ever wanted your horse to nod or shake his head in answer to your questions, kiss you gently whenever you ask or zoom round a horse agility course like a pro? Well, now you can!

“I enjoyed the non-horse side, the training the human to the clicker really brought home what the horse is going through, what emotions are coming up, and how the different humans/horses can learn at different speeds and need approaching differently.  How the horse can get stuck with a task and how to get unstuck etc.  I thought this non-horse content was very important to make us humans understand.”

For more info (including on hosting your own Clix course) and prices clickhere.

Summer Clix Camp

Clix Camps are 4 days for anyone with a love of horse training, from advanced Clicker Trainers to those with no Clicker experience. The focus on the camp is to find the fun and build the connection with your horse. You also spend time with like-minded people on a horsey holiday in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales!

You will receive a private lesson daily focussed on you and your horse. You watch the other lessons and learn from them too. There are fun dismounted sessions to learn more about the whys and hows of Clicker Training.

Lessons can take place in the sand-school, the barns or an enclosed area. You can play on the obstacles we’ve built around the farm. Or take your horse out for an escorted view of the world. We find obstacles to play on, such as crossing rivers, or standing on “natural pedestals”. We play touch with scary things and can bring on the tractors and trailers to help the bomb-proofing.

Have fun, learn loads and really enjoy spending quality time with your horse!

“The overriding plus was the fact that you made it feel homely. I appreciated the fact that you had made a group of strangers part of the family for the weekend, even having dinner with those of us who stayed overnight. “

For more info and prices clickhere.