Meet Us

At Hannah Dawson Equine, our aim is to take horse training to the highest possible level, using methods which encourage and enthuse horses, build relationships and trust and are fun, enjoyable and fair for both horse and owner.

With a wealth of different equine backgrounds, knowledge, techniques and experience, we bring this all together in the Clix Connection Method. Clicker training is a scientifically proven technique which brings clarity and understanding into the training, as well as creating very engaged, enthusiastic horses who want to work and be with you, something we all value very highly.
It’s a technique which is available to everyone and we want to reach as many people as we can, through one-to-one teaching, courses and our online training program.

Find out more about Hannah, her horsey history, methods and philosophy here.

We’ve all experienced problems with horses, from aggression, non-loaders, bolters, buckers or just not being able to create forwardness, collection or a willing, listening horse. Fixing all this is possibble, and more, using these techniques (we’ve all done it!) and our mission is to spread the word that if you can dream it, you can train it! We can show you how. And the best bit is, your horse will love it, too.