Hannah Dawson is an experienced horse trainer and teacher. She has developed her Clix Connection method based on her wealth of experience in different techniques and combining it all with clicker training. Her specialities are problem/rehab horses, movement and balance in the riding horse and high level performance and tricks.

Hannah’s Horsey History


Hannah has over 20 years of riding experience and started alternative methods at a young age, gaining her Parelli level 2 at just 12 years old. She has experience in many different techniques including Monty Roberts, Parelli, Australian Natural Horsemanship and has worked with many different trainers such as Jayne Lavender, Dave Stuart, Charlie Wilson, Lynn Henry, Eleanor Mercer, Lucy Rees and Marte kiley-Worthington. She has also ridden in pony club and riding club activities as well as competing in showjumping, dressage, ODE and TREC.

Hannah started training in bodywork for horse and rider when physical problems in her and her pony, Toby, resulted in bucking issues. She is fully qualified in Equine Touch and VHT, a bodywork technique for both horse and rider. She has also attended courses in Shiatsu, Reiki, Tai Chi,  Stretching and Limb Mobilisation and a whole horse dissection course.

Other horse-related experience includes work experience with Free n Easy Saddles, working closely with barefoot trimmers and attending a seminar by Robert Bowker and selling Simple System feeds.


There is also the invaluable experience of owning and training her own horses. Hannah currently has 6, including several problem/rehab horses, as well as ones who are small, tall, young and old, which all provide her with endless training oppourtunities!

Hannah’s training as a rider really improved when she started working with James Shaw in 2006, using his brilliant Tai Chi techniques to become balanced and connected while in the saddle. She believes body awareness, suppleness, fitness and balance are all key to good riding so also attends pilates, vaulting, dance and trapeze classes. Hannah has also been studying Phillipe Karl’s work and incorporates his classical training into her methods, with great results.

Hannah began clicker training horses in 2004 and hasn’t looked back. Impressed by the communication it creates between you and your horse, as well as the willingness and enthusiasm to work, it is now the basis of all Hannah’s training.


Hannah appeared in Abi Hogg’s The Horse Behaviour Handbook when Hannah was just 13 years old.

Current Teachers

Great teachers are always learning and developing their teaching. Hannah is currently working with these three world class Instructors for her personal development:

Alex Kurland – Alex is a brilliant clicker trainer and brought the clicker to the equine world.Alex Kurland Clicker Training UK

Hannah studies with her twice a year and has done so since 2006. Alex is the author of several Clicker Center books and lots of DVDs.

James Shaw ride from with inJames Shaw – James’s Ride from Within techniques are ground breaking in the world of horse and rider biomechanics. Hannah has been training with James three times a year since 2006 and he regularly teaches courses at Stonefold Farm. James is the author of Ride from Within book and DVDs.

Phillipe Karl – Phillipe Karl is a classical dressage rider and teacher, focussing on freedom of

Phillipe Karl Classical Dressage movement in his School of Lightness. Hannah is attending his first UK courses as an auditor 3 times a year, from January 2011. Phillipe is the author of several School of Classical Dressage books and DVDs