The Team


Helen has a strong horsey background, having owned horses from young age. She was very active in the pony club, a member of the Prince Philip cup games team and competing in dressage, showjumping and ODE’s. She’s had experience working on various yards, both conventional and using Natural Horsemanship techniques. These include some time spent at Learning to Listen and working extensively with Eleanor Mercer, where she gained a lot of experience in training young horses and ex-racers.

Helen Charlie Pony Club

Her travels also include some horse expereince; she worked at The Big River Ranch, a trekking ranch in Australia, but it was seeing the elephant and camel trainers across the world which really sparked her interest in training and how horses learn. 
She has been clicker training horses since 2010 and working with Hannah since 2011. Her role is very varied, including website updates and maintenance, marketing, filming, editing and, of course, horse training.


Rachel was a horsey child without a pony, and came back to her passion later in life. Looking for alternative methods to handle, train and ride horses Rachel began learning Natural Horsemanship techniques in 1999 with a variety of teachers and methods, including Parelli, Monty Roberts, Jayne Lavender, Lynn Henry, Charles Wilson and more. She founded and ran The Natural Horse Group for 5 years, arranging courses and events and bringing in a range of brilliant horse professionals, including behaviourists, dentists, body workers, hoof trimmers and trainers. She trained extensivey in barefoot trimming and management, both in the UK and the US. In 2004, she became the first distributor of Simple System Feeds and sold the feed and delivered talks and consultancies on equine nutrition for 7 years.

In 2006, Rachel started working with James Shaw and ran his UK programme, attending over 50 courses and clinics with him. She started clicker training horses in 2004 and has worked with Alex Kurland since 2006. She runs confident horsewoman workshops as well as teaching Tai Chi for riders.
At Hannah Dawson Equine, her role is organiser of courses, demos and talks, teaching Clix lessons and courses and providing help and support to members of Clix College, our online training program.