Horse Training

Only Connect!
With good connection, you can do anything together.


Your horse is easy to handle for daily tasks like hoof cleaning. Your horse is safe to lead, to take to new places and to ride. Your horse is willing, wants to learn and to engage with you. You are a high performing team. You achieve the age old Centaur dream.


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Think it – Create a safe horse

The most common issues horse owners approach us with are basic manners and safety issues, such as:

  • Spooking
  • Barging
  • Bolting
  • Bucking
  • Aggression
  • Loading problems

Having a horse who is easy and polite around the yard and under saddle seems unreachable to many people. Often, people believe that these are just normal horsey behaviours, but they can be changed! And, using the Clix Connection techniques, you can often train your horse all these basics in a surprisingly short amount of time.

Dream it – Create an amazing horse

Once the basics are mastered and your horse is polite and willing, you can really start to push the boundaries of horse training:

  • Teach collection and engagement without gadgets
  • Improve your horse’s balance and body awareness exponentially
  • Improve your competition scores
  • Teach high level movements
  • Work your horse at liberty
  • Teach tricks
  • Teach equine dance, trapeze stunts, bareback and bridleless galloping along a beach, tack-less high school dressage movements…ok, these are Hannah’s personal horsey dreams (now reality for many of them), but you really can teach your horse to do anything!

All this is possible (even if you’re starting out with a fat, stiff, uninterested old cob like Hannah did) and more – if you can dream it, you can train it!

Train it – The steps to your dream

Hannah Dawson’s Clix Connection method can get you there – a step-by-step technique, tailored to you and your horse, proven again and again. Find out more about how to achieve your horsey dreams (even if they’re crazier than Hannah’s!) by clicking here.