Our Approach

Clix Connection Method – Making the Connection

What we Train

Hannah Dawson‘s Clix Connection method is based on her wealth of experience in many different areas of horse training.
These include Natural Horsemanship techniques, conventional methods, trick training, Tai Chi riding techniques and Classical dressage. Combined, they create a program which covers basic manners, problem-solving, ridden work for all disciplines, balance and body awareness exercises, lunging and in-hand work… anything you want to – if you can dream it, you can train it!
Problem-solving and Behavioural Issues
We get approached a lot by owners struggling to deal with behavioural problems with their horse, such as aggression, non-loaders, bucking, spooking etc. Our approach addresses these issues slowly, going at a pace suitable to your horse. We want long-lasting results, trained in a way which builds trust and relationship between horse and owner.

For more info on problem horses and how we retrain them, click here.

How we Train

This is the important part – how do you communicate to your horse what you want and when he’s done it right? For this, clicker training is the most valuable tool you’ll ever have in your horse training tool box!

So, what is clicker training?

It is a positive reinforcement method, which means that the horse is rewarded for the correct behaviour as opposed to punished for the wrong one. The “click” noise marks the exact moment that the horse has shown the desired behaviour which earns the horse a reward, usually a food treat. This is brilliant because it’s such a strong and precise ‘yes’, your horse quickly learns to pay attention  to the exact movement you want. You learn to be clear about what you’re asking for so you know exactly when to click.

So, you become a great trainer; your horse performs his heart out Win win all the way!

Clicker training is a way of breaking down behaviour and teaching it to the horse in a way that ensures the horse understands what we’re asking completely and is not forced or punished if the wrong behaviour is offered. Training in this way ensures clarity for you and the horse, making training much more effective and enjoyable.

You can teach absolutely anything a horse is physically capable of in this way – whether it’s for problem-solving, relationship-building or ridden work regardless of discipline. Clicker Training is really a tool for how you teach, what you teach is up to you and your horse.


Clicker Training FAQ

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