What do you love about horses? We love their sociability, the way they love to hang out with us. We love their curiosity, the intelligence that shines from their eyes. We love their physicality and the way they express themselves so beautifully.

Look at our horses, lined up here at the arena gate. We didn’t plan to work with all of them. We were on a filming deadline for this site. But how could we resist? So we played with them all in turn. And as each one had their go, they left the gate and went for a sleep in the barn.

We don’t aspire to speak horse. We don’t ask them to learn human. We seek to create a language that is mutual between us. We start at an easy place, a natural thing for them to do. And we reward it, celebrate it, so they engage with us and we begin to create a bond.

From there, magnificent things happen. You get the relationship you dream about. A horse that canters to the gate to see you. A horse that tries so hard to find the answer to today’s puzzle. A horse that is having so much fun with you, he doesn’t want to leave the arena and go back to his herd.

Over and over again, in our work with horses and owners we see the relationship blossom. Connection and communication is established. Trust and enthusiasm follow. Sure fire. Every time. Every partnership.