You also need a supple, balanced rider. Using Tai Chi, pilates and body awareness exercises on the ground is your equivalent to in-hand work and obstacle training! It also forms the foundation of how we teach you to be on the back of the horse, to really become centred and connected in the saddle. For more info on performance click here.



To have a great riding horse, you need a lot of elements. One of these is a supple, balanced horse. We use lots of classical in-hand exercises, such as bending and lateral movements, which really help all horses, regardless of discipline. We also use a lot of training over obstacles, which helps horses to become more focussed body-aware. It’s also great fun and we recommend Horse Agility and TREC to our clients.


Combining these elements in the saddle with the clicker really gives your riding focus and clarity. It helps you understand what you’re looking for from your horse and motivates your horse to work it out and offer some astounding results. Your aids become lighter, your horse more willing, you increase communication and trust and can really start to push the boundaries of what you can achieve.

Whether you want to get confident out hacking with a horse who focusses on you and stays calm or improve your horse’s movement and balance to wow the dressage judges, our techniques can help you.

At Hannah Dawson Equine, we can help you tailor your training path to suit you and your horse through our courses or through Clix College, our online training program.