Making our Debut at Your Horse Live!

By Helen

Wow what a weekend! So much interest, and enthusiasm around Clicker Training. I’m not sure I’ve talked with so many people on one weekend ever before in my life. Loads of answering questions, tons of sharing horsey success stories and a little bit of converting.

Full of excitement and anticipation on Saturday, after wishing the stand a good morning, we set up the computer screens and made the final touches (which included arranging the bucket full of ducks!). Don’t get me wrong I am quite the chatter-box, even so I didn’t realise quite how much I enjoyed talking to and meeting new people until this weekend. All three of us got to talk to lots of wonderful people who shared stories and journeys they’ve made with their delightful horses. It was also lovely to hear “I could try that with my horse” or “That would really help *such and such*” about the uses of clicker training.

Day two and, like our Shetland pony Copper, we were just a little hoarse (get it?!). This didn’t matter though, as we had the same interest and enthusiasm again from the crowds. There was so much positive feedback to what we are doing at Hannah Dawson Equine, I feel its given us all a massive boost. Even by Sunday afternoon I was still getting a kick out of watching people’s reaction to our video. It went something like, eyes caught, head turn, step slowed, stopped. . . jaw dropped! (have a look for yourself Problems or Performance) As a treat for reaching the target for email sign up’s, Hannah, Rachel and I all went to watch the last Rockin’ Horse show. Very entertaining!

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