“There’s just so much I want to teach my horse now. Really inspiring!”

Kate Jones
“Great fun and I learnt loads. Hannah makes the process of training your horse really clear, really breaking down each step so I’ve got loads to work on when she’s not here.”

“Really enlightening. I have to say that I didn’t think the horses would be capable of understanding these positive reinforcement lessons and I didn’t they would respond as well as I saw them doing today. I’m from a traditional background and it completely blew my mind seeing them respond to the clicker training in the way that they did. I just want to go home and try it with my own horses now!”

Theresa Perdy
“Excellent. It was lovely to see Rio so calm and really thinking about what she was doing. We were able to take progressive steps forward and she stayed calm. Really enjoyed working with her in this way.”

Tricia Cable
“Hannah. Just wanted to say a big thank you for Sunday and I have been clicking ever since. It certainly was an eye opener and great to be able to have a session with my horse turning theory into practice.”

“Hiya, took Bobs in the school today Did a short practice of all that we did on the ground yesterday. He was perfect, even though there was another horse cantering round to distract him. Rode him at walk, – nice circles and no head shaking. At trot he tried a few times to head off in his own direction half heartedly, so we worked on transitions with the clicker, Success! Finished off with trotting two circles. NO HEAD SHAKING and only leaned on my hands a couple of times! Thank you for your help.”

Lorna Butterworth
“Hi, all going well with Alfie, rode him out with a friend yesterday, no shies or arguments. Thank you for your help!”

Elaine Pickersgill
“I would like to say that as a novice rider who is undergoing the usual rigours of regular
schooling, I could see a method of getting a message across to my horse
without the sweat, blood and tears that normally ensue in our lessons. I
also saw clicker training as a way of relieving the boredom of regular
schooling in an arena during the school holidays. I am now building a rapport with my horse using the clicker and look forward to seeing how
far we can go using this method of training. Happy clicking"

I had a brilliant time on the course everyone was so nice, I was so inspired that I had to go home and have a quick try the same evening.

Amanda Roberts
Thanks so much Hannah. You were amazing! Such gentle and positive teaching, I wish we had discovered you years ago!

Justine Hey
HI Hannah,

Thank you so much for a wonderful course.  I enjoyed every minute.

Best wishes,


Jane McAndrews
Horses were never this much fun pre-Hannah Dawson!

Rachael Wherry
Hi Hannah,
It's all going great with Flossie, I have been doing lots of clicker training practice, working on the basics and a few new bits too. I decided to try and use the clicker to re introduce her tack like i'd seen you doing in one of your videos with a young horse. She responded really well and was so calm and just so different to how she had got in the past. I did that just a little bit every night doing a little bit more and a little bit more very slowly until I had all her tack on and then I walked her around and let her wear her tack while doing some groundwork games all the time using the clicker and she was super! Then I thought 'I might just try leaning over her' so I did that and she was fine then decided to be brave and put a bit more weight over her and then a bit more just like when backing a baby horse until I was sat on her!! It was the best day ever! Especially when I thought at one point i'd never ride her again. Then one night I was playing with her and a couple of friends, Vikki and Jason who have just moved their horse onto my yard were watching and they said how different she looked and how calm she was, they hadn't heard of clicker training so I explained how great it is and they were really interested. Then Jason asked if i'd ridden her properly and I explained that I was a little bit nervous after what had happened with the bucking etc and he offered to have a little sit on her as he is super confident and would be able to give Flossie confidence too and also wouldn't panic if anything went wrong. So we decided to give it a little go and she walked round absolutely fine it was so good! He had a little trot on her and she did try to have a couple of little bucks but only tiny and barely lifting her legs of the floor, so different they were so half hearted like it was just habit really, then after that she was fine, it was so brilliant! I was so excited! I made sure I used the clicker/treats whenever she did what we wanted and it worked so well. That was a few weeks ago now and it really gave me the confidence to have a go my self and I have now ridden both in the school walking and trotting and also a couple of short rides around our fields, with not the slightest hint of bucking, rearing etc. I am taking it really, really slowly but she feels so good and almost back to what she used to be like before all this horrid stuff. Its hard to explain but she just feels like her old self, what ever it was that caused the problem I think she just needed to know it was ok now. Having everything perfect at any cost used to be the most important thing to me but now I am not taking anything for granted and am really appreciating every ride like I should do and praising every small step and every small thing is a huge victory. I thought i'd never ride her again at one point so just to be able to sit on her is the best feeling ever. We might have had a lot of successes riding wise before the problems started but we really didn't have any kind of relationship other than me being the rider and her the horse but now its so great, we enjoy being together whether we're doing groundwork, riding or learning new tricks and I have learnt that although riding is good, it isn't everything. I can't thank you enough for helping me get my horse back. Clicker training has been such a massive help not only with the riding but also in helping rebuild our bond. I honestly think that it is such a great tool to have and really has been invaluable in helping Flossie get back to her old self if not better.
Thank you sooooo much
Hannah and Flossie x

Hannah Gibbon
"I think the Clix College is great, I'm really looking forward to finding out more! The people on Clix College are so friendly! I've had some really nice comments already!"

Hannah Gibbon, Clix College Member
Hi Hannah,                                                                                                                                             

I had to email you to let you know I am on SUCH A HIGH!!! I have had such amazing training sessions with Bea recently, she has been so willing, eager, amazing, kind, light, responsive........the list just goes on with lovely words!!!

I have just come back from the yard and while I was waiting for a delivery I got all the horses in their stables for the night. Usually if Bea knows her tea is there nothing or anybody could stop her eating it, she is soooooo focused on getting to it but I put my 'bum bag' on and went in her stable and the second 'mini miracle' happened in a  week (the first was her standing still  while tied up) she totally ignored her tea and her haylage to focus on me and do a bit of training. I was just soooooo amazed, this is such a huge change in her, I feel quite emotional about it! I also feel very privileged she is working so willingly with me at the moment.

Although this is not ground breaking, or rocket science to anybody else it really feels like that to me and I think after the amazing week we have had, Bea should be considered for the 'star student' for the clix college, I think she really deserves it!"

Dawn Swales, Clix College Member
Hi Hannah and team,

I loved the starter kit.  Looks very professional and good quality.   I think the laminated cards are

Thanks, Jane

Jane McAndrews, Clix College Member
Hannah, I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for the  review on the video, it has really helped me so much. The last couple of times I have worked Bea since receiving your advice have been fab, just realising Bea wasn't as bad as I thought have made a big difference to me and therefore reflected on Bea, phew!! And your advice has really worked, I have not pushed and pushed for more, just taking baby steps then back to our comfort zone which has made us progress much faster.

Thanks so much, Dawn

Dawn Swales, Clix College Member
Clix college is great, it is like having your instructor with you 24/7.

Clix college is a wonderfully supportive place.  It doesn't matter if your horse is shod or barefoot, trimmed and sleek or a 'mud monster', a top performance horse or a companion pony; everyone is welcome and supported in trying to make their relationship with their horse better though use of the clicker.  It's always ok to admit you're scared, admit you're unsure and no-one thinks the worse of you.

The very best thing is sharing your success - Clix College people understand the joy you feel when your horse does something amazing - like when Seamus managed his first hack on his own - those 10 metres meant so much 😀 but no-one else would have understood, never mind offered their congratulations and shared in our achievement.

Thank you!
Rachael Wherry

Rachael Wherry, Clix College Member
Thanks Hannah - Clix College is great! As you know I am not a great interactive technology person but having got registered and started today I am now hooked . You have done a fantastic job with such attention to detail it is a pleasure to use.

I tend to find I am not very good at  having a plan for each days work with the horses this will really help - tomorrow we are starting Target to Target . It will be great to engage Rocky and keep his attention and great for Rio for self control and focus as she likes to be the one to make the decisions about where to go or anticipates.

Thanks again and keep working on the next 150 behaviours !

Tricia Cable, Clix College Member
I’ve only been a member of Clix College for a few months, but I find it incredibly valuable and useful for myself and my horses’ development. There is so much to read, watch and try! From very simple to incredibly challenging, from funny and lighthearted to entrenched behavioural issues and dangerous problems. I can’t imagine anyone with a horse of their own who wouldn’t find something on here that they’ve never thought of or known how to address!

My horses are all quite different, and I’m working on different things with all of them, but we’re progressing well with these techniques alongside the guidance of Hannah and her team. It’s given me a new insight into how I interact with my girls, what they think of me (!) and how they interpret things that I ask. In just a short time we’re so much closer and progressing with every session.

What Clix College has really given me is the additional support and encouragement that I need to keep working with the horses in this positive and fun yet challenging way in between my monthly lessons. I’ve always got exciting new things to try and can’t wait to get up to the farm to see what the girls think of them! Both ridden and unmounted, I feel that I am communicating more effectively and with less effort, not to mention getting more in return from all of them. I am constantly amazed at how well clicker works, but even more so how much I have still got to learn and refine my technique! I don’t think this is something you can just do a little bit of and then continue on as before expecting your horse to be magically “better”; it’s more of a new way of thinking and working together. Not something most of us can do on our own, which is where Clix College comes in!

The Training Diary is something that I am already finding particularly helpful. Recording what I am working on often clarifies it in my head or helps me to work out what I need to do next or even what to ask for help with! Getting feedback and encouragement from other members is great, and equally I like reading about what others have been up to and seeing if I can in turn help them.

I would (and do!) recommend Clix College to anyone horsey, whether or not you have your own pony. There’s just so much to learn!"

 Jen Harrison

Jen Harrison, Clix College Member

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