An Invitation To Ride

She’s Got a Ticket to Ride!

hannah-india-mountingDoes your horse line up for you at the mounting block and then stand patiently while you sort out your stirrups and girth? Many horses don’t, often because they haven’t been trained in a way that makes it clear to them what behaviour is wanted. Or perhaps they’ve been trained to do it differently. For example, racehorses start to move before the jockey is in the saddle. Or maybe they are finding their saddle or girth uncomfortable or perhaps don’t like what happens next. That being ridden causes them confusion or anxiety.

One thing I love about clicker training is that you can easily see that the training is in place. Then, if the horse doesn’t line up, you know there’s another issue you need to investigate.

I also do a lot of work at the mounting block as it is the bridge between working on the ground and in the saddle. You can make sure the connection you’ve built up on the ground stays really solid even while you’re riding. So I was delighted this week to see how well one of my students, Dawn, has progressed with training this to Bea. In the video you will see that Bea lines up beautifully and is very relaxed. We then went on to have a lovely ridden lesson. I love Bea’s understanding and willingness that she shows here, and wanted to share it with you.

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