Clicker Weekend April 2012

A group of people arrived with their horses for the first of my 2012 Clicker Weekends, which run throughout summer. It was a great weekend, with lovely people and horses and we worked on a huge range of behaviours, which was lovely to see and learn from!

Most of the people who came had been coming to my dismounted winter clicker days, so it was brilliant and very exciting for them to come for the weekend and bring their own horses! There was such a range and we worked on all sorts of different things. Everyone learned loads from watching others work as well as making great progress with their own horses!

With Seamus, we worked on his fear of tractors. Rachael did a brilliant job working with Seamus to teach him that tractors really aren’t that scary and can actually be FUN! Another Rachel did a marvelous job driving the tractor around.

For Bea, she was quite anxious coming to a new place, so we worked on calmness and softeness when leading and exploring and also she showed off her almighty brain by being a fabulous problem solver in a freeshaping session. Dawn, her owner, was wowed by her!
Ursula was a star, totally calm and chilled and Justine did some lovely in-hand and ridden work with her. When she arranges herself correctly (she’s quite gangly!), Ursula looks incredible!

Casper worked on body awareness with Tricia using the pedestal and mattress. Tricia taught him to back onto the pedestal which he was a bit anxious about at first, but she slowly built it up until he was eager to show off his new skill! She also taught him to play fetch.
Khal taught Rachel #3 (we had a lot of rachels on the course!) some bridling techniques, for her to take home to try with her own horse.

Helen and Frecks worked on teaching him to line up at the mounting block and also improving his lunging.

Rachel and Roisin showed us some beautiful in-hand work and the importance of exactly where you place your hands and body! An inch or 2 really does make a difference…!

Thanks for making it a great weekend, everyone! You can see all the photos here.

4 Responses to Clicker Weekend April 2012

  1. Profile photo of Jen Harrison Jen Harrison says:

    Wow, it looks amazing guys, can’t wait until I can get my girl(s?) down there to join in the fun!

  2. Profile photo of Rachel-HDE Rachel-HDE says:

    What a lovely reminder. It was a great group and a delight to host it. I’ll miss the nest (gotta go to Tuscany. Someone’s gotta do it..) but really looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

  3. Lovely write up and photos. It was a fab weekend we all learnt loads in our own lessons and from watching each other. It was very special to take Seamus on camp at last 😀

  4. We had a fantastic time and learnt so much, we can’t wait to come again! Dawn

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