Tai Chi Riding in Portugal

Top Tips for Hips


“I can’t believe how much these small changes influenced Maurice!” said Rachael at the end of her riding lesson with me. Like many riders, Rachael finds it hard to release her hips and follow the horse’s movement. If you find this to be a problem too, or have a tight lower back, watch this extract from her lesson with me when we visited Portugal in February. With the right technique, it can be surprisingly easy to loosen up and make a better connection.

You can see the changes clearly in this short video. As Rachael changes, Maurice goes from being high headed, hollow backed and with a short stride to this lovely long, relaxed, lifted way of going.

I teach riding using techniques from tai chi, which I learned from James Shaw; French Classical riding from Phillipe Karl and motivation and clarity gained from teaching with a clicker.

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  1. Jo Ellen says:

    Good job illustrating how your advice helped the horse!

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